We work with clients across a range of industries, sizes, and locations. Our clients may be varied, but the issue is the same – consistent and professional business documentation, giving clients and stakeholders confidence to return for future services.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say about working with us!

Finding someone like Marianne who is at an ‘expert’ level of experience not only with actual MS Word document formatting technical skills but also exemplary customer service has been amazing for me, likened to striking gold!

The outcomes for me, being able to work with someone who knows exactly what is needed with minimal instruction has been wonderful. I would highly recommend Marianne’s services to anyone.

Lee Doherty

Admin & Co

I recently asked Marianne if she could create and format a Word template for my business. Her process was very professional and simple which made my life 100 times easier (I’d tried and failed previously to create such a document for business use)! She waved her magic wand and the first draft came back perfect!

Marianne is professional, knowledgeable and an absolute dream to work with. This one document template is now going to be used over and over again and I’m going to look a whole lot more professional to my own clients because of it. 😉

Thanks, Marianne you’re an absolute superstar!

Gemma Wilson

Prime Virtual Assist

Marianne is a pleasure to work with. Her work ethic, efficiency, and ability to complete a task with minimal instruction or supervision has made our lives so much easier.

Her attention to detail has been invaluable in the work she’s done for us, and she exceeds our expectations in terms of both the quality of her work and the level of her skill and expertise across a broad range of administration skills.

I would highly recommend Marianne and Thrive Admin Services to anyone seeking a polished, professional and affordable administration service.

Sonia Barber

Quantum Innovation Fund Management

If you are after extra hours in your day, and an expert in administration, you can’t do better than Marianne at Thrive Admin Services. 

Being able to give her some basic instruction on an idea I’ve had and have her come back with a polished and professional product that I can simply roll out or use with confidence, is a skill that isn’t easy to find at the best of times!

She is by far the most experienced administrator I have had the pleasure of working with. She makes it all seem so easy – it really is like she can see what I have pictured in my mind! 

Do yourself and your business a favour by getting Marianne to help you – I will definitely be keeping her details on hand for when I need her expert skills again!

Rochelle Courtenay

Share the Dignity

Our ongoing dealings with Marianne and Thrive Admin have been superb.

The quality of work, timeliness, proactivity and breadth of skill set has been of enormous support to our young and growing business.

Peter O'Neill

De Motu Cordis

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