Did you get a Mailchimp account when you started your business, with the best intentions of building an email audience, and sending them a newsletter to keep them updated on everything you are up to? And then…well, the business of running a business got in the way, and you didn’t really know what to say, and there were only 4 people on the list anyway, so why bother?

[insert manic head nodding around the room!]

I get it – I do. It can just seem like ‘another thing you are supposed to do in business’, and you don’t have time for what you already have on your plate.
The recent ‘disagreements’ between a certain social media platform and the Australian government have demonstrated, if nothing else, how important it is for businesses to have a way to easily and effectively communicate with their audience (but current and future clients) in the event that they are suddenly without access to a social media platform.

I’m not going to comment particularly on the reasons why this is so important, except to say that I firmly believe that you should NEVER have all your eggs in one basket. When I launched Thrive, having an email newsletter was always a part of my bigger plan, I just needed to get a moment to get the basics in, and build that list. I love connecting with my Thrive Update family – I have people on there that don’t use social media much, or are simply more engaged when they can take 5 minutes with a cup of something to actually read what I want to share with them. I don’t get lost in the noise, or have to squeeze my information into a certain format or number of characters.

Swings and roundabouts, know what I mean?

Are you building a mailing list?

You might not even realise it, but you probably have a decent mailing list already – your clients, people who have purchased your products online, people who have attended a workshop, webinar, course, or event you have hosted, and even those people who give you their card at a face-to-face networking event (remember them – I hear they are making a comeback!). All of those names and email addresses form your list. But what are you doing with them??

If you are anything like most people, you have a pile of business cards in a box in a drawer, and a spreadsheet somewhere with a list of everyone else (or maybe you are more organised and actually have a CRM or email marketing program already!).

What to do with it though?

So having a list is a pretty easy thing. But what are you doing with it? Anything? Email marketing, while perhaps not the best term, is what you need to be doing. Not marketing in terms of a hard sell, but as a way to connect with people that you may not know very well who could benefit from what you have to offer (once you’ve built up that relationship!).

Connecting with an audience to show them that you have a service or solution they need, or to share information with them to help them solve a problem is an excellent way to establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy person in their network. Like anything, it won’t happen overnight, but showing up and doing the work pays off – regular newsletters with value for the reader help them trust you, and get to know you, before they even consider buying anything from you.

Do you wanna build an email?

So you have a list – great. And you want to connect with these people and build your network – awesome.

But who has the time to load those email addresses into an email marketing system, and then build an email template to pop your very valuable content into? I wonder if I know anyone….


Announcing Thrive’s newest service: Email Marketing DIY Support Sessions!

As you might already know, Thrive is already Mailchimp Certified in Foundations, Email Marketing and Automations. Basically, I’ve done the Mailchimp courses, and understand the back end bits that make Mailchimp work. I use these skills in my own business, and for clients. But not everyone wants to completely outsource their email marketing – I get that. So, as of today, Thrive has launched a DIY Support Session to help get you started in your email marketing adventure!

Please note: Currently, this service is being offered for Mailchimp accounts only. As we build our expertise in other programs, these will be added to our listing.

What will a DIY session include?

Oooh, this is the fun bit! Each session is a 90 minute video call with Thrive. We share screens and walk you through your account setup and campaign structure. Every session includes:

  • walk-through of the program functions and key sections
  • loading of your audience (contacts) – we cover both importing a list, and manual additions
  • setup of your branding (logo, fonts, colours)
  • creation of a single basic campaign, to show you how to do it yourself (the DIY bit!), which you can then use as a template, or a foundation model for future campaigns
  • a review of tags, automations and general database management
  • an introduction to landing pages and customer journeys (for paid Mailchimp accounts only)
  • a Thrive Handbook: a customised step-by-step summary of what we cover in the video call, so you have a useful resource to refer back to as you are getting started
  • access to the recorded video call for 30 days after our session, so you can walk yourself through what you need to in your own time!

 Interested in Mailchimp for your business?

I’m really excited about this new service offering, and how it will help your business to Thrive! We have a range of other Mailchimp services, but this one is specifically designed to help you understand your account and what it can do. I’m a firm believer that you need to know some of the mechanics behind your systems before you consider outsourcing them – even if it’s just to know what the system is capable of.

Maybe you are curious about whether Mailchimp is right for you? Check out their pricing and plans via this link. Thrive is a Mailchimp & Co member. Thrive does not receive any commission or payment if you sign up to Mailchimp.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, then let’s chat. There are so many exciting things that email marketing can do for your business, and most of them don’t actually require an awful lot of effort from you! I’m always happy to have a chat via email, video or phone to see if this is something that you would benefit from. Drop me a message directly, or via info@thriveadmin.com, and we can find a time that works for you.

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