Custom Document Formatting

DIFY (Do It For You) Custom Formatting Services

Your clients deserve the best. After all, that’s why they chose you!

Thrive’s DIFY formatting services give you tailored templates to suit your branding, values and business ‘voice’.

The DIFY Custom service takes a document you are already using in your business, and takes it to the next level for you – branded, templated, and ready to use. Most importantly, it’s set up in a way that makes sense to you. After all, it’s your document!

As part of Thrive’s mission to help you work smarter, all custom formatting services include a personalised ‘Thrive Guide’, with step by step instructions on how to get started with your schmick new template, and how you can continue to use the documents as your business grows and evolves!

Your finished document is provided as a master admin document (.docx), and a template (.dotx), so you can keep the content relevant as things change (because let’s face it, things change all the time in business, right?).

Custom DIFY services are a fixed fee project, and the fee is personalised to your exact requirements. Contact Marianne, our Chief Document Wrangler, to get your quote today!

    Done For You Custom Word Template Packages 

    Purchase a bundle of custom formatted documents, and get set to Thrive!

    Know you need your documents sorted, but not really sure where to start? Thrive’s Done For You packages are just what you need!

    Each package includes a set of pre-selected documents, designed to make sure you wow your clients from first contact through to asking for payment. 

    All Done For You package services give you the personalised attention of the DIFY custom formatting service, without you having to worry about what documents you have, or don’t have, already. Thrive prepare these as new stand-alone document templates, ready for you to start using!

    All package services include:

    • use of your logo (in various forms) on all templates, suitable for print and screen
    • use of fields and document properties to streamline your use of the finished templates
    • creation of customised Styles, based on your fonts and branding
    • inclusion of any pre-existing approved content (provided by you) to ensure ease of use in the completed template
    • document protection activated (where needed), to avoid overwriting standard text (where required)
    • custom Thrive How-To video and handover guide, providing you with step-by-step instructions
    • provision of a final document (.docx) and template (.dotx) version, so you have control over editing any future versions
    • first and final draft for each document, with unlimited communication with Thrive throughout the entire process
    • BONUS: 1 on 1 video call on completion of your package, to walk through the elements, or any questions you may have

    Each package contains a specific combination of business documents. See our package inclusions details below.

    Business Basics

    Start as you mean to go on, with a solid foundation of formatted document templates, customised to showcase your brand.

    Build your brand awareness and grow your reputation in a confident and consistently branded way!

    $1,697 inc GST

    Geared for Growth

    Build brand awareness and connect with your target audience. These templates reassure your client that you are the expert they need.

    Grow with confidence that your documents are able to handle whatever you need them to do!

    $2,220 inc GST

    Corporate Suite

    A customised toolkit to accommodate your current and future document needs.

    This comprehensive pack of custom branded templates ensures that your client gets consistently branded messaging at all times!

    $3,127 inc GST

    Work Smarter, Not Harder.

    We love being able to work out how we can help your business work smarter every day. 

    Let’s have a chat to see how we can help your business to thrive!